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Whale Bay is home to the disaster-prone Thong family and to Australia's least visited tourist attraction, the Giant Thong. But that may be about to change, for all the wrong reasons...

The Flamin' Thongs




Giant Thong and Holden


... because it's also home to Holden Thong, a 12-year-old with a wild imagination and ability to construct amazing gadgets from recycled scrap. Holden's father Trevor is determined to put Whale Bay on the map, any map. Trevor's hare-brained tourist-attracting schemes, combined with Holden's ill-conceived contraptions, ensure Whale Bay is perpetually about to be wiped off the map before it's even on one. Barely tolerating their antics is Holden's sister Narelle, who desperately wants to get out of Whale Bay, and his mother Brenda who just wants things to be normal. Given Holden's best friend, Rerp, is a cane toad in a school uniform, there's little chance of that!



The Flamin' Thongs

Veggie patch




2014: WINNER ATA 19th Asian Television Awards, Best 2D Animation
2014/5: WINNER AACTA Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, Best Children's Series

2014: AWGIE Australian Writer's Guild Awards, Children's Television (C)
2014: SPA Screen Producer's Awards, Children's Television Production
2014/5: AACTA Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, Best Original Music Score
2015: ITFS Tricks for Kids Series Competition of the 22nd Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film




Another blue-chip nomination as finalists with Thongs nominated for Best Children's Series and Best Original Music Score at the AACTAs.

We are in the top tier of TV industry heavyweights! Very humbling to be in the mix with outstanding peer group.

The AACTA Awards recognise film, television and documentary screen craft excellence - including screenwriting, producing and acting, through to cinematography, composition and costume design - across over 40 Awards. As Australia's highest film and television Awards, the AACTA Awards are Australia's equivalent of the Oscars and the BAFTAs.

The Flamin' Thongs TV series was a top 5 finalist recently at the SPA TV Awards here at the Crown Palladium, we just missed out to Nowhere Boys a big budget, live action drama series for teens.

The Awards were an amazing night, and being among all the high quality nominees of different genres of TV shows, and being amongst peers was an absolute privilege.

And The Flamin' Thongs in Singapore at the Asian TV Awards for a win albeit being a finalist is an exceptional achievement in itself and a pivotal showcase for The Flamin' Thongs TV series. We have learnt that the exposure to the brand/series is invaluable given that Roberta from ACTF is also attending the entire Asian TV Forum & Market that is held From 9 Dec 2014, Tue To 12 Dec 2014, Fri leading up to the TV Awards night.


CREATORS - Keith Saggers & Tristan Jones

As the creators, we set out to create a "true blue" born and bred Aussie Family (with touches of the much loved Kerrigan family from The Castle). The Thongs' celebrate the very essence of Australia. And what they wear on their feet, the humble thong, epitomises who they are. With no pretensions whatsoever: what you see is what you get.

And we drew up a must-have list of characteristics that sum up the "have-a-go" spirit of the Australian psyche upon which we built our vision of the TV series: resourceful, practical, passionate, idiosyncratic, eccentric, laconic, laid back, but totally fair dinkum with loopy bits of fantasy, and old-fashioned pratfalls.

Because, living a life of crazy misadventure supported by an unflagging self-belief and trust in the family unit is where we sensed the heart and charm of series would beat loud and true. So for us, it was important to capture a reassuring sense of belonging and the spark of inventiveness that runs in our veins.

Which meant we wanted to place our Thong family in an off-the beaten track location near the ocean, and capture their lifestyle, life and unusual times (indoors and outdoors) through the use of real locations and objects from their ramshackle beach home to the local lighthouse, tip, sea, boat, objects and so on.

And this unique "reality-based" universe and storyworld of the Flamin' Thong family has been brought to the screen in spades!

Keith Saggers

Keith Saggers - Co-Producer

As a multi-skilled educational and communications specialist, Keith has focused on originating propriety properties with ownership of IP, along with brand management, whilst developing creative content for old and new media platforms. As a TV producer, writer and director he has over 500 hundred hours of television credits starting in 1978 with Channel Seven children's live action shows, weekly music and light entertainment programs, then as an independent producer of TV Specials, documentaries and music video clips.

Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones - Associate Producer

Co-Creating The Flamin' Thongs, has brought together Tristan's passion for the arts and desire to provide children with hours of amusement. With a background in curating, exhibiting and promoting the work of up-and-coming and established artists, Tristan has successfully produced arts events, gala benefits and art auctions to raise funds for children's charities. A key figure in Perth's art scene, Tristan is well recognized both for his entrepreneurship and passionate support for the arts and entertainment sectors.


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